Philippine Tourism Awards




      The Philippine Tourism Awards (PTA) is the highest and most prestigious citation in the Philippine Tourism. The PTA is a recognition program of the Philippine Department of Tourism that seeks to honor industry players and LGUs who have demonstrated excellence in the development and promotion of the country’s tourism sector.

      The PTA is designed to achieve the following objectives:

      Instill the culture of Filipino hospitality in tourism and motivate them to continuously extend an efficient and thoughtful service to tourists;

      Duly recognize individuals and entities in the tourism industry whose creativity, expertise, professionalism, and service have been of the highest standards;

      Foster an innovative and competitive consciousness in the country by recognizing local individuals and corporate entities, and LGUs, who have contributed immeasurably to the growth of the industry;
      Celebrate the valuable contributions that steer the pride and prestige of the industry; and
      Encourage the development of sustainable and responsible tourism practices that promote cultural and environmental preservation


      The Philippine Tourism Pillars Awards is a special recognition program in celebration of the 50th PH tourism industry and establishment of the Philippine Department of Tourism. This award is accorded to pioneers and institutions in the Philippine Tourism Industry and have made noteworthy contributions to the rise of tourism in the country.

      There shall be three (3) categories under the Philippine Tourism Pillars Awards namely, Enterprises, Individuals and Destinations.

      • The Philippine Tourism Pillars Awards aims to:
      • Pay tribute to “The Firsts” destinations in the country that served as the starters of Philippine tourism in the 1970s; and
      • Recognize individuals and enterprises who pioneered in betting their careers and investments in tourism


      • Applications may be made online or manually thru the DOT Regional Offices. Only complete and correct applications shall be considered.
      • All accepted applications shall be subject to review and validation.
      • Eligible Applicants may submit a maximum of three (3) application entries they deemed qualified to.
      • Only one Applicant per award category shall be hailed as a winner.
      • Application and supporting documents will be accepted until 29 February 2024.
      • Application is free of charge.

      The PTA is a two-tiered awarding recognition- regional and national. The winners of the regional awarding shall represent the region to the National Awarding.


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