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World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Exhibition Booths

Exotic fabrics such as piña, tnalak, and inabel are hand woven textiles native to the Philippines. They are eventually tailored into wonderful dresses and wearables that are truly indigenous in the country, an exquisite representation of the fine culture that the Filipinos have developed through the ages.
Exhibited at the WTTC Summit are season’s harvests of the Philippines’ finest produce such as mangoes, pomelo, calamansi, avocado, dragon fruit, pineapple, native coffee beans, adlai grains, black rice, pili nuts, passion fruit, capsicum, mangosteen and lanzones. This is a sight and taste to behold to many foreigners since these crops are native to the Philippines.
Replica of the iconic symbol of the country’s everyday travel – the Philippine Jeepney, a colorful, fun and vibrant public transportation ubiquitous in many streets of the country.

Published:April 21, 2022

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